Yamaha Motor Canada Presents MXP Chatter With Dexter Seitz

After two weekends of racing in Chilliwack, young Alberta rider Dexter Seitz has the points lead in both the 65 10-11 class as well as the 85 7-11 class. Dexter loves racing indoors and so far in the 2020 Future West AX Championships, he’s been very good. Now with a weekend off to regroup and celebrate Halloween, Dexter and his family have headed back home to Calgary. However, the following weekend they will be back in Chilliwack for Round’s 5 and 6 of this exciting series. We caught up with Dexter as he was back home and trying to get used to the light dusting of snow that the Calgary area received this past weekend.

MXP: Hey Dex, another great weekend in Chilliwack. So far you’re perfect in the 65 10-11 and 85 7-11 classes, and you’re also a Top 3 rider in the Supermini class. You love this indoor racing, don’t you?

DS: Yes, I do love racing indoors on the tighter more technical tracks. Racing in the ‘Red’ barn is always fun because Kyle Beaton builds the best tracks. So far, the first four rounds have been really good as I am leading 65cc 10-11 and 85cc 7-11 and sitting second in the Supermini class

Not only is Dexter leading the Future West AX Series points in the 65 10-11 and 85 7-11 classes, but he also took home two Walton TransCan titles this summer. Photo by James Lissimore

MXP: That is a great start to the series. The riders in the Supermini class are older and a little stronger physically than you, is it intimidating at all lining up against some of these kids?

It was very intimidating lining up in the Supermini class the first couple motos and I am still a lot more nervous when I head to the start line for this class than my other two. The 85cc is still new to me, but I am starting to get more comfortable each race on it and I hope to try and pull off a win in the Supermini class before the series ends. This class is fast with riders like Davies and Gibbs, it’s fun banging bars and then coming off giving high fives.

MXP: Sounds like there is some great racing going on out there. You stayed the week in BC, what did you and your family do?

We had a lot of fun this week in BC, The Balzer family who are good moto friends let us stay at their house all week, they live on an acreage so we could mountain bike into town. In the mornings I had to do my school work but after we were out doing something fun! We got to celebrate my little bro Meston Lockhart’s 5th birthday at a trampoline Park so that was fun. Blake Davis and I met up with a bunch of our moto buddies at Air Rec Center Indoor Bike Park, that place is awesome! My parents took me to Stanley Park and Granville Island for dinner and we toured downtown Vancouver. It was a really fun week, but it went by too fast!

Dexter and his dad what for practice to begin last weekend in Chilliwack.

MXP: That does sound like a great week. Hanging out in BC is always a fun time. The Future West crew changed up the track from the opening weekend. How was the track this past weekend?

I really enjoyed this week’s track as it had a really good flow! They made it a little more technical where you had to time the sections and I enjoyed that. The first weekend was an easier track with smaller jumps that raced fast. Also, being the second weekend the dirt had more traction, and the lines formed up better. But honestly, both weekends the track has been really good!

MXP: What was your favourite section this weekend?

Oh man, it’s hard to say which section was my favourite. The whoops held up better this weekend and were not one lined like last weekend. There was a cool rhythm section in the back that I could pull a double, triple, single on my 85, that was cool. And of course, the middle double is always fun! I don’t know, I enjoyed the entire track.

MXP: There’s now a weekend off before Round 5, what is the plan for you and your family?

I have a Halloween party this weekend that I am excited to go to. I also got a new dirt jumper so I will defiantly be hitting up B Line Indoor Bike Park. We have some snow on the ground but the weather is supposed to be nice all week so I hope it melts enough to get back on my new SX track we just built at home.

Even though he’s young, Dexter is already one of the most stylish riders on the circuit. Photo by James Lissimore

MXP: Sounds like a good upcoming Halloween weekend. Well, thanks for taking this call Dex. Is there anyone out there that you’d like to thank?

Thank you Chris for the call, it’s definitely been a fun few months of racing and a year to remember. I am sad it’s coming to an end with a few more rounds of AX to go, but I am already looking forward to next year! I really want to thank my Mom and Dad for everything they do to take me racing! I also want to thank all my sponsors and everyone who supports me, KTM Canada, Fox Canada, Steel River Group, Cartel Energy, Cycle Works Calgary, RynoPower Canada, LimeNine, XPR Motorsports, Enzo Suspension, Allsport Dynamic braces, Action Sports Clinic, Matrix Concepts Canada, Hatt Automotive and Charlie Johnson for all his help on and off the track.

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