Yamaha Motor Canada Presents MXP Chatter With Kyle Thompson


With the release earlier today of the 2021 Triple Crown Series Schedule, it’s time to get exciting about racing this summer. With planned rounds in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick, it most certainly looks to be an entertaining series ahead. For some thoughts on the 2021 Series, we reached out to Kyle Thompson from Jetwerx.

MXP: Well, congratulations on the release of the 2021 Triple Crown Series Schedule. We know it’s been in the works for some time so it’s good to see it released. It’s also great to see two rounds out west.

KT: We would love to have more west rounds on the schedule, but during these times it’s a major challenge for us and for the eastern teams to get out there. Also, due to restrictions we just aren’t able to go to certain tracks this year. So, this is what we have and I’m sure everyone will make the best of it.

On the schedule, the west rounds are two-day events. What is the moto format for these rounds as well as the remaining rounds?

The two west rounds will be two separate events with a two moto format each day. We know this will be a lot of riding over two days for our pro riders, but we’re also looking at altering the length of each moto to make it a little easier for them. For the remaining rounds we will return the traditional format. Also, we’re planning on having amateur classes at each of these rounds as part of the Parts Canada Amateur Open Series. This will obviously make for a busy two days of racing for everyone, but it should be fun.

We’re sure a lot of people ask themselves this when they saw the schedule this morning, but where is the Prairie Hill track?

Prairie Hill is in Pilot Mound, MB. It’s in the SW part of Manitoba and trust me when I say that the track is unbelievable.

Walton Raceway will once again host two rounds of the Triple Crown Series as well as the Walton TransCan in August. Photo by James Lissimore

Also, there not back to back like last year, but again there are two rounds at Walton Raceway?

Yes, Walton Raceway has stepped up to make our program affordable for another pandemic year, the Triple Crown Series works hand in hand with the TransCan and we cherish our partnership. It should be another exciting two rounds at this iconic track.

Looking ahead to the indoor portion of the Triple Crown Series. The SX races kick-off just a couple of weeks after the TransCan with two rounds at Gopher and two rounds back in Sarnia.

Yes, just like 2020 we’re keeping a tight schedule for travelling pro riders. Sarnia will be a good way to end the year as in the past this was a very popular event.

Also, we see two new partnerships with both the Flo Racing App, and also Arma Sports?

Yes these are two great companies with a similar vision to us. Together we’re ready to create an amazing platform for our riders to grow and it’s great to see new companies getting involved.

Well, we’re sure there will be a lot of discussion about this schedule in the coming weeks and months. However, it’s good to see it put to paper and it’s time to get excited for 2021.

For sure! We’re happy with it and hopefully, the Covid-19 restrictions continue to improve there are no further travel restrictions put in place. At the end of the day, we’re trying to what is best for the fans, the series, the riders, the teams, and our sponsors.

MXP: Thanks for your time Kyle!

KT: No problem Palms!