Yamaha Motor Canada Presents The Monday Gate Drop

Good day, and welcome to another edition of the Yamaha Motor Canada Monday Gate Drop. In the coming weeks, Yamaha will be releasing their all-new 2022 YZ125, and MXP Magazine will be the first to get their hands on this awesome new bike. Stay tuned for a full test in the coming weeks.

Well, for those of us who are lucky enough to live in Ontario I think we can all agree that Ryan Gauld and his AMO Racing crew really know how to put on a race. Since the Covid-19 Pandemic began last year the AMO races in Ontario have seen a record number of riders and entries and yesterday at Gopher Dunes we witnessed one of the biggest September races in a long time. However, the race this weekend wasn’t on the main track at Gopher Dunes it was on the back private track or ‘Factory Track’ as everyone calls it because this is where the GDR Team practices sometimes. As everyone who was in attendance yesterday saw this is a great spot for a race as the paddock was massive and the track reminded me of a race back in the 1990s. In fact, the entire weekend had an “If you build it they will come” vibe to it. I think this event and the track have huge potential moving forward as a twice a year deal, maybe once in the late spring and once in the fall? Anyway, I hope everyone made it through yesterday safe, and thanks to Derek Schuster, Frank Schuster, the entire Gopher Dunes crew, and of course AMO Racing for putting on another great race. Onto Walton Raceway this coming weekend for Round 8 of the AMO True North Fleet OPC Series.

The ‘Factory Track’ at Gopher Dunes sits on a beautiful piece of property and it was a great place for a fall AMO race.

My weekend was a mixed one for sure as on one hand it was great watching my son Ayrton race a 125 for the first time. He didn’t think moving up to a bigger bike was a big deal but to me when a young rider makes the move from an 85cc or Supermini to a 125 that is most certainly a milestone. We really have to thank Steve Simms and Jeff Gaynor for making this past weekend happen as Jeff lent Ayrton his own personal GASGAS MC125. Thankfully, he was able to get a couple of days of riding on the bike prior to racing on Sunday so that no doubt helped yesterday run smooth. In the end, he went 3-3 on the GASGAS for second overall in the Schoolboy class so he was pretty excited about that.

My son had a solid first-ever 125 race yesterday at Gopher Dunes.

As for Dad, well I decided to race this weekend and sadly I only cemented my hesitancy to still keep racing. Honestly, I love being at the races and after 43 years of going to races, I still love driving through the gates of a motocross race and feeling that energy. I even love racing at the odd time but the reason I don’t do it more is because of what happened yesterday. After winning the opening 40A moto I was able to holeshot Moto 2 and lead the pack around on the opening lap. My plan was to take it easy on Lap 1 and see where all the good lines were and then go from there. However, as I headed into the back section I hit something wrong and I ended up having a Chad Reed Millville moment (thankfully it wasn’t on the face of a large jump) and in an instant, I was flying through the air. That’s really all I remember from the crash as I hit my head pretty hard and really banged up my right hip. I also suffered a cut in my side that required a three-hour wait in the Woodstock Hospital for stitches and an ultrasound. It was a rough ending to a great weekend and other than the obvious pain that I’m in this morning, I feel bad that I put a dark cloud over what was a big day for my son. Anyway, life goes on and I’m sure I’ll feel better soon and I’m sure I will line up again for another race on the same day that my son is racing. Overall it was a great weekend at Gopher Dunes (I feel like I’ve said that a lot this year) and thanks to the Bryan Family for helping us pack up our trailer, to Tristan Dares for driving me to see the paramedics, to Ron the paramedic for helping me out, and of course to my wife and my son for taking care of me last night. You know it’s been a rough day at the track when the drive home consisted of multiple ‘Do you remember’ questions.

Let’s go Canada!!!!

Moving on from my weekend at Gopher Dunes to Italy this coming weekend and the 2021 MXoN event. Even though it’s been quiet as far as press releases and information I can assure you that Team Canada is ready to go for the biggest event in the motocross world. I spoke with Tyler Medaglia this morning and he’s getting ready to fly to Milan tomorrow to begin what he hopes is a very successful trip. As you may recall, Tyler was just in Italy a few weeks ago for the International Six Days event so he knows what to expect when it comes to overseas travel. Actually, when you factor in Tyler’s trips to the USA and now his two trips to Italy I think he’s travelled more than any other rider in the world in 2021. Anyway, Tyler prepared for the MXoN by doing a 2.5 Hare Scramble on a 300cc two-stroke this past weekend so he’s ready to go. How do you not love Tyler Medaglia? He’s just built different. So everyone is flying to Italy tomorrow except for the Piccolo family as they fly out today. With a track that looks a lot like Sand Del Lee and Deschambault, as well as three strong riders with their trusted race bikes, I like Team Canada’s chances for this weekend! Hopefully, they get a good gate pick for Saturday’s qualifiers, and then everything falls into place for our best finish ever at this prestigious event. Go Canada Go!

Congratulations to Shelby Turner and Trystan Hart on their successful weekend at the opening round of the 2021 AMA Endurocross Series.

Well, that is it for me this week as I need to go and take some Advil or some sort of ice bath. I hope everyone has a great week and a safe week riding. Finally, congratulations to Shelby Turner and Trystan Hart who had a great weekend at the opening round of the AMA Endurocross Series in Tulsa, OK. Shelby won the women’s class while Trystan ended up second overall in the Super Endurocross class. The series moves to Amarillo for Round 2 on October 2nd. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to get out and vote today!