Yamaha Motor Canada Presents The Monday Gate Drop


Good day, and welcome to another edition of the Yamaha Motor Canada Monday Gate Drop. I hope everyone had a great weekend and if you were able to get out riding, you were definitely one of the lucky ones. Depending on where you live in Canada the weather was drastically different. For instance, Alberta and most of the Prairies experienced winter-like conditions all weekend, while Ontario saw some beautiful weather with temperatures of 20c. Thankfully, I live in Southern Ontario and I can tell you that we were spoiled this weekend. The weather has been nice here for a week and it’s given us some incredible November riding. Sadly, it’s going to come to an end this week, and then we’ll be back to our normal gloomy November weather.

The only racing this past weekend was out in Chilliwack as the gate dropped on Round’s 5 and 6 of the 2020 Future West AX Championships. The racing was once again exciting as the riders really enjoyed Kyle Beaton’s latest track creation. The big winner in the pro class was Casey Keast as he took home wins in 3 of the 4 main events. His win streak was only interrupted by the cagey veteran Brock Hoyer, who won the final Pro Open main event on Sunday. Hoyer has had a solid series and he’s currently leading the Vet Master class and sitting third overall in the Pro Open class. Brock Hoyer is one of those riders who always seems to be in good riding shape. Even after he retired from full-time racing he would periodically show up at a national and battle for a Top 10 finish. It’s great to see Hoyer battling for wins in this series and he appears to be enjoying himself.

Casey Keast is riding great right now and with one weekend remaining in the 2020 Future West AX Championships, he’s leading both Pro classes. Photo by James Lissimore

As for Casey Keast. Well, he just keeps getting better as this series rolls on and I’m sure he now has the confidence to win every main event. Although Keast is still relatively young, it feels like he’s already been around for a long time. Since he turned pro a few years ago it’s been an up and down road for Keast as many have wondered just how serious he takes this sport? I’m a Casey Keast fan and have been since his 85cc days and I hope the rider we’ve been seeing in 2020 is now the prelude of what’s to come. Even the most talented riders progress at a different pace in this sport, and just because you’re a fast amateur rider that doesn’t mean that you’re immediately going to make an impact in the pro class. Dylan Wright is a perfect example of this. When he entered the pro class he was coming off an incredible amateur career and during his final year as an Intermediate rider, he not only won multiple Walton TransCan titles, but he also finished third overall at the Gopher Dunes National in the 250MX class. My point is that Dylan came into the pro with a ton of confidence, a good fitness base, and a strong work ethic, and he still took a few years to figure the pro class out. Casey Keast entered the pro class with big dreams, a lot of pure speed, and a boatload of god-given talent. The rest he has had to learn the hard way! But like I said, this process takes time and each year Keast has been getting stronger and more comfortable in the pro class. As we all saw this summer, he had some real solid finishes in the MXTour Series, as well as the final two rounds of the SXTour Series. Right now, Keast is riding better than he ever has, and with two rounds remaining, he’s poised to win both classes in the Future West AX Championships. His success in 2020 should secure him a ride for next year and hopefully, he’s back with the Carlson Racing Team as he looks great on his Husqvarna FC250.

Get well soon Drew!

Moving away from racing and onto some real bad news that came out on Thursday of last week. Canadian BMX legend Drew Bezanson was involved in a bad car accident on Wednesday morning and had to be rushed to a Toronto hospital with multiple injuries. As of right now Drew is in stable condition and has begun having the surgeries needed to repair his numerous broken bones. It’s definitely going to be a long and difficult recovery for Drew and he’s going to need all of our support in the coming months. I will bring you updates as I get them. Here is one of the videos from Joyride150 and totally amazed all of us. 

Drew is not only a BMX star who has entertained us with numerous YouTube videos and incredible performances at big events like X-Games, but he’s also someone who grew up riding motocross and still loves the sport today. If you live in Ontario you’ve most likely seen Drew out riding at both Moto Park and Gopher Dunes on multiple occasions over the past five years or so. This past summer, on Canada Day, Drew even made his way up to my track for an afternoon of riding fun. In between motos we spoke at length about training, riding, and of course his exploits on the world stage in BMX. He also spoke about the recommitment he made to training and being in the best shape possible during this strange Covid-19 year. With his BMX season on hold this year, Drew spent his time training, riding dirt bikes, and staying sharp on his BMX. Drew is not only known for his skills on two-wheels, but he’s also known for being a great guy away from the track and always has time for kids and his large legion of fans. Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people and that appears to be the case with Drew. From all of us at MXP Magazine as well as everyone in this industry, stay strong Drew and our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Well, that is it for me this week. I hope everyone has a great week and before I go I want to share with you the latest issue of MXP Magazine with Jess Pettis on the cover. It’s been one crazy year in Canadian motocross and this issue revisits all of the incredible moments from 2020. I hope you like it and thanks for reading this week’s Monday Gate Drop.

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