Yamaha Motor Canada Presents The Monday Gate Drop


Good day, and welcome to another edition of the Yamaha Motor Canada Monday Gate Drop. As we move through the opening month of 2021, let us all keep trying to stay healthy and happy. We’re obviously still living in challenging times but judging by Social Media most of us are trying to get outside and enjoy all that winter has to offer in Canada. Fresh air and Vitamin D is crucial to our physical well-being while getting outside and having fun is important for our mental well-being.

Heading into the opening round of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross Series, Jason Anderson has to be considered one of the favourites to win.

After a long off-season, we’re now only 5 days away from the opening gate drop of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross Series. Like every year, the 2021 series has a long list of top riders who are all capable of winning main events and taking him the title. On the entry list for Round 1, a few names jump out as both favourites to win this Saturday night, as well as who might be able to win the 450SX Championship. As we’ve seen so many times before in recent years, the rider who wins the opening round isn’t always able to continue on to win the title. For the past two years, we’ve watched Justin Barcia hold on for the opening round win at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. For whatever reason, Barcia seems to be able to hit the ground running and strike first in the 450SX series. Perhaps it’s his impatient and aggressive personality that allows Barcia to succeed at the opening round. While other top riders might thinking that they should remain patient at Round 1 and not make any big mistakes, Barcia has no issue with throwing caution to the wind and leading the pack. For me, Barcia might be even harder to beat this year as he does look great on his new GasGas machine. However, as much as Barcia might be a contender this weekend in Houston, I think you also might see him challenge for the title this year. 

With Justin Barcia being the winner of the previous two opening rounds of SX, can he make it three in a row on Saturday night?

If I had to make some solid pick for who wins the 450SX main event on Saturday, Barcia would obviously be hard to bet against, as would some of the young guns of the series like Adam Cianciarulo and Chase Sexton. Cianciarulo came very close to winning Anaheim 1 last year so you have to think that he’ll come into Houston even more confident. As for Sexton, he could also win one of the opening three races in Houston, and with his smooth style and calm demeanour, he could challenge for the 450SX title this year. It will be interesting to see how all of Sexton’s training with James Stewart will pay off in Supercross. However, when thinking about who might win the 2021 450SX title, it’s always hard to bet against the defending champion. In this case, it’s the mighty Eli Tomac, He will most certainly be difficult to beat this season!

After two months of hard work, Jess Pettis is ready to go!

In the 250SX East class, all eyes in Canada are going to be on Red Bull Thor KTM rider Jess Pettis. With the amount of work and preparation that Pettis has put into this series, he will no doubt find success at some point. It might not be at the opening round, but I would guess that before the 250SX East Series leaves Houston, everyone in the class is going to know who Pettis is. There is going to be a lot of competition for Pettis as top 250SX riders like Justin Cooper, Christian Craig, Jett Lawrence, and Austin Forkner are all confirmed for Houston. However, Pettis and his off-season preparation has been as good or better than all of these riders so I can’t wait to see how the Prince George, BC native stacks up. Canadian fans are going to have two riders to cheer for in Houston as not only is Jess Pettis racing, but so is the Quebec SX specialist Guillaume St-Cyr. I’m sure I speak for all of you when I say that I cannot wait for the gate to drop on the 2021 season. Regardless of where the opening round is, it’s always a very exciting time in our sport.

The Houston track looks fun and technical for Round 1.

So the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross Series is all set to go this weekend in Houston. In Canada, we’re still awaiting a Triple Crown Series schedule to be released. In talking to a few people last week the schedule should be coming out very soon, perhaps even as soon as later this week. It would be great for the MRC to release it soon as for the next few weeks I’m sure the headlines will be dominated by Supercross Series news.

Brett Lee has challenged a few of us to join a fun training program to kick off 2021. Photo by James Lissimore

In other Canadian news, last week Brett Lee called me to talk about a cool idea he had. Brett wanted to get a few of us old guys together and begin a three-month fitness program that will be tracked and documented for all to see. As all of us get older it’s easy to get busy and not devote enough to fitness and taking care of ourselves. Once we get out of shape, it gets harder and harder to get back into shape as bad eating, lack of exercise, and real-life takes over. Well, Brett is tired of being out of shape and he wants to do something about it. His idea as I said, was to get a few of us together and start a training program that will be both hard-working and fun. I’m going to be posting updates about our fitness journey throughout the next few months so please stay tuned to this web site, as well as the Walton TransCan web site. To kick things off, Brett had us all fill out our profiles so I thought I’d share them all with you now. Since we’re not all starting at the same fitness level, our overall goal is to simply be fitter in three months than we are right now. To begin this story, here is the outline of the story as well as all of our profiles. We will also be posting certain parts of this Social Media so keep an eye for that. Wish us good luck and if you have any ideas or comments, please email them to me at chris@mxpmag.com.

From Brett Lee:


There are a lot of people out there that need inspiration– including ourselves. So many racers have returned to Walton GNC to find a lot of satisfaction in working towards a goal, sharing passion again, it has been inspiring. And many more need that inspiration. 

Whether any of the group recognizes this or not all are leaders in moto community. Industry minds, promoters, team managers. The key is working together, motivating others, motivating ourselves, competing, and creating a cool story.

What Is Required:

The group will do a weekly update blog on TransCan GNC site (mxpmag.com). Submitted to Brett@motocrosscanada.ca Fridays (two groups of 3, altering weeks). The Blog is whatever each guy feels. A little, a lot. Whatever, just hitting the mark and tracking the experience.  

Group 1

Ryan Gauld

Ryan Lockhart

Chris Pomeroy

Group 2

Derek Schuster

Brett Lee

Kevin Tyler

Walton will be doing light Walton TransCan GNC promotion around this. Everyone is encouraged to use social media to show what they are up to if comfortable doing so. This scares me personally. Make sure you hashtag #roadtowalton #vetchallenge

To help send a few old and new photos for site use.

Do your best. If you fall off the horse, jump back on. If you need help. Ask – be honest- this won’t be easy.


Now a few trainers have come forward, and a couple of sponsors are being approached by MXP for biometrics support, diet guidance, training guidance. That something to settle down by Feb.

For now!

Starting Jan.12.2021 we are going to create a routine.

  • The first couple weeks, create positive exercise habits.
  • Cut back on Alcohol.
  • Increase water to 3L (6 500Ml bottles per day)
  • Remove or cut back White. White sugar, white pasta, white bread, white milk, and anything made with these things. 


Brett Lee, Ryan Lockhart, Ryan Gauld, Chris Pomeroy, Kevin Tyler, and Derek Schuster.

Starting MONDAY, we start as a group. Document your journey, get your habits formed. February will be more diet support and training support. Mentally prepare yourself for March Boot Camp. 


Name: Derek Schuster

Hometown: Courtland, ON

Spouse: Kerri

Kids: Emerson and Sebastian

Age 36

Race Pro: Yes barely

Current Job: Gopher Dunes / Schuster Motorsports Inc.

Current Weight: 269lbs

Current training: I have a gym in my shop and a Concept 2 bike in my house, I use neither.

Why: Because Brett messaged me saying they are short one person and I’m always up for a competition. (Edit note: I asked if he wanted in… not short)

Outline of diet limitations (allergies)? None

Drinking plans? I can do with or without

Home gym equipment you have? I have a gym in my shop with a good amount of equipment

How much time and is it better in the morning or night? Morning likely better, 45 min to an hour.

Name: Ryan Gauld

Hometown: New Lowell, Ont

Spouse: Amy Gauld

Kids: 3 – Jake, Ryley, and Bennet

Age 42

Race Pro: 1995 to 2010

Current Job: AMO Owner, and Whatever else pays!

Current Weight: 220 (Heaviest I’ve ever been)

Current training: I watch sports

Why: Because they make me a great Monday Morning Quarterback.

Outline of diet limitations (allergies)?

I’m allergic to eating Healthy consistently.

Drinking plans?

I’m an adult, I can do whatever I want.

Home gym equipment you have?

Zero. I have some old cans of paint I could curl maybe?

How much time and is it better in the morning or at night?

Time is tough with three kids but to bury the rest of the clowns on this, I will find the time.

Name: Kevin Tyler

Hometown: Richmond, ON

Spouse: Shelley

Kids: Mitch

Age 46

Race Pro: Turned pro in 1992

Current Job: All things MX101

Current Weight: 255…

Current training : I started a 6-week beginner FTP cycling builder program on Zwift (starting week 2 as of today)

Why: It’s time…..

Outline of diet limitations (Allergies)? 

KT: No limitations but I love food.

Drinking plans? 

KT: I only drink moderately but can step that up if needed to keep up with the group

What home gym equipment you have? 

KT: We have everything. Bikes, rower, weights… Mitch has been dedicated the last couple of years to daily training so we have quite the home gym

How much time do you want to set aside and is it better in the morning or night? 

KT: Evenings are best for me

Name: Brett Lee

Hometown: Walton, Ontario 

Spouse: Melody

Kids: Caden and Harper

Age 46 (how did that happen?)

Race Pro: 90’s and 2000’s. I was by far the slowest of the group here.

Current Job: Most know me as a Walton Raceway Promoter, and that is what I am. However, during the winter I work Winter Patrol for my county so it means lots of driving. We are 12hr shifts of 7 days on 7 days off. A Lot of sitting on my butt.

Current Weight: This hurts. 230LBS

Current Training : I have a bicycle in my house. 

Why: As a young guy who raced the part I hated, is the part I miss now. Grinding, pushing, and being pushed. I am also inspired by athletes who are finding motivation later in their careers like Valentino Rossi, Tom Brady, Justin Brayton for example. They discover fuel to push them, and it has been really inspiring. I find myself saying …Why not try?

Outline of diet limitations (allergies)

Brett: None. Maybe Dairy a bit?

Drinking plans?

Brett: I am def backing down. 1 month off, but red wine and cold beers in summer……I am open to what I should do.

Home gym equipment you have?

1 rower, 1 elliptical Bike, resistance bands, and straps. Yoga mats. Foam Rollers.

How much time and is it better in the morning or night?

Brett: I know mornings are better, which sucks. I am saying one-hour in the gym is something I am good with till the snowfalls. But don’t be soft on me. If I need to step up… I am in.

Name: Chris Pomeroy

Hometown: Shelburne, ON

Spouse: Bernadette

Kids: Ayrton

Age: 47

Race Pro: Turned pro in August of 1989

Current Job: Editor at MXP Magazine

Current Weight: I don’t think I’ve been weighed since birth so I’ll get back to you.

Current training : Been training a lot since March. Feel better than I have in years.

Why: Anything to put off feeling old. Plus, I have a bad lower back so if I don’t work out then it gets tight and hurts.

Outline of diet limitations (allergies)? No allergies but I don’t eat eggs. I’m about a 6/10 as far as eating healthy so I could definitely improve on this. 

Drinking plans? These days I may have 2-3 beers a week. So if we’re going to have a drinking contest at TransCan then I know I’ll lose. 

Home gym equipment you have? I have pretty much everything…Spin Bike, Ski-Erg, Kettlebells, and a slab of meat hanging from the ceiling that I punch while screaming “Adrian!!!!!!!!”

How much time and is it better in the morning or night?

It doesn’t matter. But if I had to pick a time it would be 4 pm as that is when I usually hit the gym. 

Name: Ryan Lockhart

Hometown: Langley BC

Spouse: Randi Lockhart

Kids: Meston and Bowen

Age 36

Race Pro: 1998 to 2018

Current Job: Brand / Sales Manager Atlas Brace / Matrix Concepts Canada

Current Weight: 205 ( Sigh )

Current training : Well I did absolutely nothing in 2020 as the weight shows. Slowly getting back into it with some light cardio and just being all-around more active.

Why: Need something to look forward to. Sick and tired of my pants being so tight. When I ride I still can go pretty good but that quickly fades away with being so out of shape. I want to have the goal of being ready for TransCan. The plan is to have three generations of Lockhart’s on the line is the plan for 2021. My son, my Father, and myself.

Outline of diet limitations (allergies)? I’m good with everything here….. I love food, especially my chips

Drinking plans? Well, I’m not giving up drinking especially with SX just around the cornerI will slow down on the wine during the week though.

Home gym equipment you have? I planned on buying a Peloton over the holidays but my wife wanted a new bed. She won!! I have access to a Gym with pretty much all equipment a couple of hundred feet from my house.

How much time and is it better in the morning or night? There is really no good time as I get to work around 7:30 am and not home till 5 pm then real life takes over but I can make a few mornings a week work plus weekends.

I have this guy for the win at the opening round in Houston. Photo by James Lissimore

So there you have it folks. Something to keep us busy for the next few months. It should be an entertaining process for sure and I’ll keep you posted. Well, that is it for me this week. I hope everyone has a great week and let’s countdown the days until the gate drops in Houston. Thank you for reading and have a safe and healthy week! As I said earlier, I have Adam Cianciarulo for the 450SX win at Round 1! Who do you have?