FXR Racing Presents: Walton WMX Race Recap

Words by Jackie Riess

Photos by James Lissimore

The 2021 Thor WMX Series kicked off this past Sunday at Walton Raceway as part of the Triple Crown Series. 25 ladies took the track late in the day on some of the roughest conditions of the weekend.

In moto 1, Eve Brodeur grabbed the holeshot and created a sizable gap early in the moto. She led the moto wire-to-wire and was able to do the same in moto 2. The #241 of Sarah-Kim Villeneuve was second early in moto 1 but was pressured by the third-place rider, Malia Garant, for half the moto. On lap 4, Villeneuve made a mistake that allowed Garant to move into second. Garant continued to jump the famous Natural Double and was able to pull a bit of a gap on Villeneuve. As the pair moved into lap traffic, the gap began to dwindle. Garant had an incredible save in the rollers, but this mistake allowed Villeneuve to close the gap on the last lap. She was able to make the pass for second, and the two finished within a second of each other to round out the moto 1 podium. Ani Ferguson had a solid fifth place start and was able to chip away at Brook Greenlaw’s gap to finish fourth in the moto. Brook held on to round out the top 5 in moto 1.

Moto 2 was steadier for the top three, as Brodeur, Villeneuve, and Garant held the top three positions for most of the moto. Ferguson had another solid fourth-place finish, and Maya Legare made multiple passes to finish fifth in moto 2. Eve Brodeur, Sarah-Kim Villeneuve, and Malia Garant conquered the podium at Round 1 to make for a KTM/Quebec sweep.

Ani Ferguson (4), Brook Greenlaw (5), Maya Lagare (6), Lindsey Bradley (7), Cindy Trudel (8), Shayla Cassidy (9), and Oriana Fraser (10) rounded out the top 10 for the day. The ladies move to Gopher Dunes on July 11th to tackle the sand in Round 2 of the Thor WMX Series.

Results From Round 1

 4th  #3 Husqvarna ANI FERGUSON
 7th  #9 Yamaha LINDSEY BRADLEY
 8th  #818 Kawasaki CINDY TRUDEL
 9th  #25 Husqvarna SHAYLA CASSIDY
 10th  #10 Yamaha ORIANA FRASER