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The 3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada

The track map for Round 1 has been released.

MXP: Hey Newf! This past weekend was like the calm before the storm for both of us as things get hectic from here on out. What are you most looking forward to this weekend in Edmonton?

RL: The first round is always exciting. I just love the feel of the Friday when you see everyone after a long off-season. I love looking at the new bikes and talking to everyone. I’m looking forward to that first gate drop in the 250 class. We have been discussing this for weeks, but there is so much talent and many unknowns in this class. There is no doubt that there will be some surprises and disappointments, but at the end of the evening, we will see some great racing in this class.

MXP: You’re listed as the Assistant Manager on the Honda Canada/GDR/Fox Racing Team, so congratulations on this new position. Overall, is the GDR Team ready to go for this weekend?

RL: Thanks. This will be my fifth year with the team. The team is very motivated as always, but of course, we have the target on our back with the amount of success we have had over the last few seasons. There are always a lot of last-minute things to button up with bikes and whatnot, but both Jake and Dylan are ready, and that’s the main thing. They both had a great off-season with training and testing. More work went into the bike this year than in years past, so things should be good. It’s been interesting as we have made some internal changes with staffing, but Derek Schuster and I feel like they were the right moves, and I can’t see why 2023 is not as successful as 2022.

MXP: This is a short question, but in your life, have you ever witnessed anyone ride a dirt bike as effortlessly as Jett Lawrence did on Saturday at Fox Raceway?

RL: NO!! (laughs). Seriously that first moto was unbelievable. He looked like he was at 70%. I was impressed that Sexton was able to up his game in Moto Two and match Jett’s speed and even force him into mistakes. I wonder if Jett got a little too comfortable with how easy Moto One was.


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