Thor WMX Race Recap From Round 8 At Walton Raceway

Words By Jackie Riess

Photos by James Lissimore

Thirty women took to Walton Raceway for the finale of the Thor WMX Series. With the largest turnout of the season, the series was excited to welcome first-timers, champions, and even one American (Carrie Davis). Eve Brodeur finished her season in commanding fashion, wrapping up the championship one moto early. But that didn’t stop her from continuing her win streak in moto 2. She’s actually won every moto in the 2020 and 2021 seasons so that is very impressive. After battling a shoulder injury for the latter half of the series, Sarah-Kim Villeneuve solidly earned second on the day and second overall in the championship. And to round out another KTM/Quebec podium (for the day and the season), Malia Garant battled adversity in the second moto to finish third overall.

Villeneuve grabbed the holeshot in moto 1, with Brodeur, Oriana Fraser, and Garant in tow. Making quick work of Villeneuve, Brodeur was able to make the pass in corner three, allowing her to take off from the pack. Looking smooth as ever, Brodeur was able to create a 12-second gap by the end of the moto. Villeneuve claimed the second position for the entire race, and a late-race push resulted in her fastest lap of the race on the final lap. Not having raced the TransCan the week prior, she was happy with her riding and felt her shoulder was stronger because of the decision.

Fraser is no stranger to a great holeshot and I was very impressed with her ride in moto 1. One small mistake before the old finish line step down allowed Garant to move into third, but otherwise, she looked smooth and was able to fend off potential passes from Maya Legare, who had no goggles on as she closed in on Fraser late in the race. Trying to make a move on the inside before the rollers, Legare lost traction up the face of the first jump. She swapped through the first few and high-sided over the bike. This was a hard crash, to say the least, but she was able to remount the motorcycle and finish sixth in the moto, and even came back to race moto 2.

Ani Ferguson started in the top 5, but a couple of mistakes pushed her back to 10th by lap 3. She was able to charge back to the front and finish fifth in the moto. Driving straight from Unadilla MX in New York Saturday night, Carrie Davis put in a solid seventh-place finish in the moto as the first and only American to join the series this season.

In moto 2, Brodeur grabbed a huge holeshot with Villeneuve in second, and another great holeshot for Fraser in third. This time Legare was able to make a pass early on Fraser, and the two finished fifth and sixth respectively in the moto. Garant came across the line in eleventh on the first lap, and made quick work of the pack, passing into third by lap 3. Bailey Orbanski made her way from ninth to fourth throughout moto 2. Legare made her work for the pass into fourth, and as she was challenging for the pass the first time, she grabbed a handful of throttle and pulled a sweet wheelie out of a corner. Gathering herself, a lap later she was able to set up a pass on Legare and make it stick.

After the KTM/Quebec podium of Brodeur, Villeneuve, and Garant, Fraser (4), Legare (5), Orbanski (6), Ferguson (7), Davis (8), Rose (9), and Trudel (10) round out the top ten overall on the day. Congratulations to the top ten overall in the 2021 Thor WMX Series! We hope to see all the ladies (and more!) in 2022.

1 Eve Brodeur 250

2 Sarah-Kim Villeneuve 220

3 Malia Garant 192

4 Ani Ferguson 170

5 Brook Greenlaw 136

6 Oriana Fraser 129

7 Bailey Orbanski 122

8 Maya Legare 114

9 Cindy Trudel 102

10 Breanna Rose 80